Dodge & Escape
This skill is required to dodge attacks and escape grapples and holds. If an attack is made without your knowledge, you may not apply this skill to your Defense roll. It is also used to remove yourself from grapples or binding situations, such as from cuffs or being pinned under a fallen wall.

Choose one of the following:

Ranged Weaponry
Choose one of the following: Archery, Assault Rifle, Energy Weapon, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher, Light Machine Gun (LMG), Pistol, Missile/Rocket, Shotgun, Submachine Gun (SMG), Sniper Rifle, Vehicle Weaponry. You gain the ability to use the weapon type effectively. You must have this skill to use a weapon effectively

Sleight of Hand
This is the skill of making small objects appear and disappear. This skill covers diverting attention to allow the user to palm a small item, switch it from hand to hand, or slip it into a pocket or another person’s hand or drop it without being seen. A useful skill for thieves and con artists. A + 3 and you know the basics of palming an item or pickpocketing. A + 5 and you might have pulled a rabbit out of a hat at some point in your life. At + 9, you’re Teller. Remaining mute is entirely up to you. Try to be if all your going to fucking say is I want to steal everyone’s money.



This skill is required for accurate throwing, climbing, and balancing. It combines the basic elements of any high school level sports program. At + 3 and above, you are the equivalent of a real high school “jock”. At + 5 and above, you can perform in college level competitions. At + 8 and above, you are of Olympic or Professional caliber.

Brute Force
The user of this skill has practiced the art of bending bars, crushing objects, breaking doors open, and other brutish destructive activities. At + 2 you can crush cans, rip thin books in half, and bend thin rods. At + 8, no phonebook is safe, you can bend thin rebar, and snap handcuffs. At + 10, you can bend prison bars, rip up the Gutenberg Bible, and dent car fenders with one blow.

Martial Arts
Choose one of the following:

Melee Weaponry
Choose one of the following: blunt, chain-operated, claw weapons, flails, light blade, heavy blade, monoblade, polearm. You gain the ability to use the weapon type effectively. You must have this skill to use a weapon effectively

Strength Feat


Choose one of the following: Accounting, Anthropology, Astronomy, Automotive, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Composition, Education & General, Firearms, Gambling, Geology, History, Law, Mathematics, Physics, Politics, Programming, Stock Market, System, Wilderness Survival, or Zoology. You have a working knowledge of the subject matter and the referee may deem the skill required for certain skills or actions. In effect, it is a “lore” or trivia skill. A level of +1 is a basic education in the subject matter. A skill of +2 is equal to a high school equivalency. A Knowledge Skill of +3 is equal to a college education specialized in the field, +4 or higher is equal to a Masters or Doctorate. At +7, you are an extremely well-educated person in your field, and are probably asked to play Trivial Pursuit a lot. Steven Hawkings has a +10 in Knowledge (Physics).

You have knowledge of a foreign tongue. At +2, you can “get by” with speaking the language. At +3, you can actually read a written form of it. At +6 and above, you are fairly fluent, although no native will be fooled by your ability. At +8 and above, you speak and read the language like a native. Each language known requires a separate Language Skill.

This skill allows the user to bind wounds, stop bleeding, administer CPR and revive a stunned patient. Also, Medicine is the skill used to perform major surgery and medical repairs.

The skill of imparting knowledge to someone else (if you don’t think this is a skill, you ought to try it sometime). Players may not teach any skill unless they have a higher skill level than the student. The referee is the final arbiter of how long it takes to teach a skill. You can only teach skills which you have yourself. At a Teaching Skill of 3 or better, you can professionally teach students up to high school equivalence. At +6, you know enough to be a college professor (if you wanted ). At9 or greater, you are recognized by others in the field as good enough to guest lecture at a prestigious university; your texts on the subject are quoted as the major references, and you might have a TV show on the equivalent of the PBS channel.

Tech is the required skill for building or repairing mechanical and electrical devices, such as car engines, television sets, etc. With a Tech Skill of +3 or better, you can fix minor car problems, repair basic wiring, etc. A Tech Skill of +6 or better can repair cellphones or computers, rebuild an lawnmower engine, etc. A Tech Skill of +9 or better can build a computer from scratch, put together a motorcycle engine, do general automotive maintenance like changing brake pads or a tune up and maintain any kind of industrial machinery, and, with specialized Knowledge skills, to apply it to complex things such as aircraft or weaponry.

No skills.


This is the equivalent of a “trained observer” skill, allowing characters to notice or be aware of clues, shadowers and other events. With an Awareness of +2 you will usually spot small pieces of paper with notes on them or doors left ajar. An Awareness of +5 or better allows you to spot fairly well hidden clues and sophisticated attempts to “shadow” you. With an Awareness of +8 or greater, you routinely perform the sorts of deductive reasoning seen in the average TV cop show (“The murderer was left-handed because this knife has a specialized handle”). Sherlock Holmes has a +10 Awareness.

This is the skill of drawing information from a subject and forcing his secrets into the open. An Interrogation of +2 or better will allow you to infallibly find out if your boyfriend is lying to you. At +5, you are a professional level interrogator equivalent to a skilled detective grilling a suspect. Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes has an Interrogation of +9, allowing him to make even the most powerful people squirm. This skill is typically opposed by Willpower.

Streetwise is the knowledge of the “seamy” side of life – where to get illegal and contraband things, how to talk to the criminal element, and avoid bad situations in bad neighborhoods. With a Streetwise of +2 or better, you can get “hot” items, score drugs, etc. A Streetwise of +5 would allow you to arrange a murder contract, know a few mobsters who might owe you favors, and be able to call on muscle when you need it. At +8 or better, you could become a major crimelord yourself and skip the middleman.



This is the ability to withstand pain or hardship, particularly over long periods of time, by knowing the best ways to conserve strength and energy. Endurance Skill checks would be made whenever a character must continue to be active after a long period without food, sleep or water. This also deals with the punk’s ability to survive in the outdoors with sub-standard provisions or under harsh conditions.

The punk has worked a hard day’s work for some time and has learned how to best manage his time, strength, and health to best do that hard work. When performing a laboring task that would require a Toughness roll (such as digging a hole, building a shelter, or breaking down a wall), the punk may instead make a single Labor skill check to perform the task and will complete the task in one-half the time a punk without this skill would take to complete the task. A punk with this skill adds his level in Labor for the purposes of determining how much the punk can carry.

Resist Drugs
You have built up a tolerance and a series of tricks to combat drugs. A +1 in this skill would show a person who can put a few back and still hang with the cool kids. A +3 and you’re putting people under the floor or blocking against some more potent mind-altering drugs. A +5 and you can know you’re drugged and resist the effects well enough. Keith Richards probably had a +9 in his prime.

Resist Torture
Characters with this skill are especially toughened against interrogation through torture. This skill is used to oppose any Interrogation or Intimidate skill checks made while engaging in torture. Additionally, no bonuses are applied to the torturer’s check from their tools.




This is the skill of getting people to do what you want by force of personality or physical coercion. At +3, you can frighten almost any typical citizen, politician or low-level thug. At +6, you can intimidate Sylvester Stallone or any moderate “tough guy”. At +9, you could intimidate Jason Mamoa. This skill is typically opposed by Willpower.

The skill of trained acting, dancing, singing, etc. A trained performer of +4 or greater can successfully sing for payment at weddings or small clubs. Performers +6 or greater will be considered to be of professional caliber, and may have lucrative contracts and fans. Performers of +9 or greater are of “star” caliber, have a large number of fans, and may be recognized on the street.

Persuasion is the ability to talk others into doing what you want. This may be used individually or on large groups. At +3, you can win most debates or convince your girlfriend that the blonde you were with was your sister. At +5, you are a smooth talker of professional caliber. Ronald Reagan had a Persuasion of +7. Hitler had a Persuasion of +9.

Social Interaction
This skill represents the ability to deal with social situations, like knowing the right fork to use or when not to tell the joke about the farmer’s daughter and the travelling cyberware salesman. A Social Skill of +2 or better will allow you to get by at any fine restaurant or social function. At +5, you can lunch with even the President with aplomb. No social situation will faze you, no matter what. At +8 or above, you can lecture Emily Post on what’s proper.


Animal Care
Animal empathy and care, usually only on the domestic front (horses, dogs etc.) is the skill of calming animals and understanding their needs. The individual with this skill is experienced in dealing with and controlling animals. He or she can direct and train animals in guard or hunting duties and can control and ride beasts of burden and riding animals.

Human Perception
The skill of detecting lies, evasions, moods and other emotional clues from others. At +2, you can usually tell when you’re not getting the whole truth. At +6, you can detect subtle evasions and mood swings. At +8, you can not only detect subtle emotional clues, but can usually tell what the subject is hiding in a general way.

This is the skill of eliciting interesting annecdotes from an interview subject. This information will be of a more nonspecific and personal nature rather than specific knowledge (distinguishing this skill from the skill of Interrogation, where the user is trying to extract exact information. Example: Barbara Walters interviews, Mike Wallace interrogates). At 3 or better, the subject will usually tell you only information relating to what he/she is well known for. At6 or better, the subject will tell you anecdotes about the past, pontificate about favorite interests and philosophies, etc. At +9 or better, he/she tells you everything (including personal information about their illegitimate son, the time they stole a cookie at age), and the fact that no one ever loved them.

Leadership is the skill of leading people to follow you. A leader with a skill of +2 can manage a small office successfully and be respected for it. A leader with a skill of +4 or better can lead a small band of troops into battle and not get backstabbed. A leader with a skill of +7 or better can lead the entire Gamelon Empire into battle and look good doing it. James Kirk has a Leadership of +11, but you never will.

Chilling out and calming the nerves in the face of stress and inner turmoil; a surprisingly common new age skill in the techno future. By extreme concentration, the punk can come up with a convincing answer for a question. Usually it is the answer that the questioner (including the punk himself) wants to hear.

No skills.


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