Friday Night Firefight

In the news today, a report from the Arasaka zaibatsu on the security of Militech facilities in the Norfolk area called the company's precautions against both pyshical and electronic invasion laughable, stating that the company's systems were criticaly vulnerable to even primative attacks. Militech representatives denied the claim, but Arasaka representatives were quick to rebut, staging a live demonstration which successfully invaded the company's network and captured more than 30.4 tera-bytes of proprietary weapons research data.

Militech stated it had no comment with regard to the demonstration, but confidential sources within the corporation reported that the company's infrastructure team was, quote, "Scrambling. They're doing everything they can to lock the system down.

Security industry insiders tell the National News that publicly announcing such critical vulnerabilities is extremely unusual, as it is likely to provoke attacks against the Militech network, for which Arasaka might be held legally liable. They speculated that this may be a last ditch move by the Arasaka zaibatsu meant to force Militech to invest in their services.

Tom Decker • National News Network
January 13th, 2143

Friday Night Firefight